The vast majority of fuel additives, treatments, conditioners, etc. marketed and sold in the U.S., are merely detergents that serve to clean the fuel.">

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The vast majority of fuel additives, treatments, conditioners. (ENG)

The vast majority of fuel additives, treatments, conditioners, etc. marketed and sold in the U.S., are merely detergents that serve to clean the fuel system but do nothing to the combustion characteristics of fuel, or more importantly, to the combustion chamber itself. This is exactly what separates our products from all others, and where our technology and products are formulated to perform!

Think of our products as engine efficiency supple-ments. The fuel carries the supplement, with the active compounds, into the combustion chamber where they are "activated" to perform the process they were engi-neered to create: the burning of fuel more cleanly and quickly.

The many claims that our competitors make about improving fuel combustion are simply false. With modern fuels, the combustion rate is 99.5%, so just how much of a gain would anyone expect to get with these competitive products?

When we created the technology used in the MPG-CAPS™, we took a long careful scientific approach to the situation.

We know the dynamics of combustion vary depending on pressures, temperatures, ignition techniques, vaporization, and chemical characteristics of the fuel

We know that fuels are efficient to a point of 99.5%. So how can we improve on this? Simply, we addressed the state of the combustion chamber itself, and the relationship therein of the fuel and how it is "processed"


What we have developed is a method of providing a catalytic coating in the combustion chamber. This catalytic coating provides an infinite nano-phase surface area for the catalyst to deposit on. This catalytic coating causes a catalytic reaction to occur in its presence.


So now we utilize the fuel to carry the MPG-CAP™, in its dissolved state, to the combustion chamber, where the heat of combustion activates the chemical compound, and creates a very thin coating on the metal surfaces of the internal components within the combustion chamber.


What this catalyst does, for our purposes, is to cause a change in what is called the "in-cylinder rate shaping" of the combustion. This, in turn, provides for a 30% increase in pressure on the down stroke of the piston, in a time frame slightly altered from a non-catalyzed state. This results in the improved performance.

The teflon comparison: Here’s an easy way to explain MPG-CAPS™ to first time customers. Ask them if they know how a non-stick frying pan works. They’ll be familiar with the way the coating keeps stuff from sticking to the surface of the pan. That’s how MPG-CAPS™ work too, by coating the combustion chamber of your engine with sacrificial catalytic coating. This micro-thin coating acts to catalyze pump fuels and dramatically improve your performance. As long as you continue to use the MPG-CAP™, the catalyst will continue to inhibit detrimental effects of sulfur molecules and other impurities found in pump fuels, retarding the formation of sludge, varnish and acids that are harmful to your engine. Your engine runs smoother, cleaner, has more pep, and you get the benefit of better gas mileage.

Directions for use:

Conditioning Dosage (1 Tank based on 12-22 gallon or 45-83 liter fillup): --- One MPG-CAP™

Every Tank after Conditioning Dosage (based on 12-22 gallon or 45-83 liter fillup): --- ½ MPG CAP™ and enjoy the 7-14% fuel savings.

WARNING: Do not exceed Directions for use or over use product.

You must continue to use the product in order to maintain the catalytic coating and therefore garner the benefits of the technology. By continuing to use this unique technology, you will experience an increase in miles per gallon and a decrease in harmful emissions. However, if you stop using the product, the catalytic coating will slowly dissipate and the benefits will cease.
                 The Fuel Freedom International Compensation Plan>>>

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